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Starting A Business: Everything You Need To Know

Hi everyone. I'm Amanda Buck. I decided to create this website because it has been my dream for years to start my own business. I will eventually make this a reality after I have saved up enough money to where I feel comfortable making this leap. But for now, I've been busy learning everything I can about starting a business. I learn best when I teach, so I have decided to create this blog where I will create posts I hope will be useful to business owners and those who are looking to start a business. Now let's get down to business!


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Why Choose These Four Wedding Tent Shapes?

What tent shape should you rent for your wedding? The right answer depends on a variety of factors, including the shape and size of your available outdoor space. However, each of the main event tent shapes brings different things to the table when it comes to style, table choice, and formality. Here are a few reasons to choose each of these four shapes.

1. Rectangle Tents. The rectangle tent is probably the most common wedding tent shape. It's easy to work with and provides plenty of flexibility in where different stations go and how much seating to include. You can generally put the dance floor anywhere you like, allowing you to scale up or down the number of tables and other seating. It also works well with both traditional tables and banquet or cocktail styles.

2. Square Tents. Like the rectangle, a square tent is relatively simple to set up. Use its symmetry to make the layout and decor look more formal and elegant. Couples who plan to eschew dancing will enjoy the smaller footprint of a square tent that lends itself well to a cocktail-style arrangement. Square tents also pair well with other, smaller square tents for different tents for other activities or needs. 

3. Circle Tents. Circular styles are less common, so they make a big impact on guests entering your wedding. Consider placing a stage or dance floor in the center and laying out rectangular or square tables in a sun-ray formation. All eyes will naturally be drawn inward, so this can be a showstopping layout. Or, design a theatrical floor plan that mimics a cabaret or makes use of half-moon shapes. 

4. Oval Tents. Another popular choice on the wedding circuit is an oval tent. This style provides a lot of square footage, but it's a little harder to style than a rectangle. Ovals can be very dramatic and elegant, especially when paired with long banquet seating that serves as a focal point. Style the dance floor and other stations in similar ways to a rectangle layout. 

Where to Start

The best place to begin finding the perfect shape and size tent for your nuptials is to tour available options around you. Many areas offer couples a range of choices to fit any budget, location, and theme. Stop by or tour inventory online today to learn more. 

Contact a company like Aladdin Rentals and Events for more information.